Introducing Mingle Healthcare Solutions

Mingle Healthcare Solutions is the merger of SilverVue and Mingle Analytics, positioned as a leader focused on transforming value-based healthcare delivery.

Our combined technology solutions and consultative services will help providers and practices optimize the patient visit, become more efficient, earn more revenue, and ultimately transform practice operations to increase joy and profitability in the practice of medicine.

While we have a new name, our dedication to you is unwavering and you should expect the same level of dedicated customer service from the combined Mingle team. There will be no immediate changes to our existing solutions.

Burdened by increasing demands and regulations, practices and providers will now have a single partner for practice and quality improvement initiatives, including MIPS reporting, with the goal of helping them improve quality, lower costs, and increase revenue.

As valued customers and partners, we look forward to sharing more information with you soon. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Consultant or Account Manager with any questions.

About Mingle Analytics

Mingle Analytics since 2012 has earned a reputation for mastery of quality reporting complexity and thought leadership. Its proven product and service offerings are backed up by exceptional customer support to guide customers every step of the way to succeed with MIPS and the Quality Payment Program. Mingle ranks as #1 for Group Reporting. MIPS Solutions® quality reporting services address the full range of practice needs from penalty avoidance to optimal scoring for incentive/bonus awards. Mingle technologies, which include BI tools, provide practices with measure monitoring and benchmark reporting analytics. Client support services include its client services team for training, report generation and analysis, and practice improvement advice.

About SilverVue

SilverVue is a leading supplier of quality management software and services. The Check™ solution automates and facilitates provision of preventive care, chronic care management, and transitional care management at the point of care, using eligibility determination, reporting, and planning tools. Check™ provides quality management capabilities for services billable to Medicare, Medicaid, and payors by practices and long-term care providers.



Helping You Thrive In The Business & Practice of Medicine

  • CEO Dr. Dan Mingle, recognized industry innovator

  • Quality reporting from a physician’s perspective

  • Submission success rate over 99%

  • Equally committed to serving large and small practices

Partnering for Medicare Quality Reporting Success

Your organization has thrived by providing superior solutions to your customers’ needs – all backed by stellar customer support. As your Medicare quality reporting partner, Mingle Analytics shares your commitment to your clients, delivering on a shared promise of excellent products, services, and support.

As an industry leader, Mingle Analytics provides best-in-class products and services to measure, improve the quality, and reduce the cost of healthcare, serving more than 32,000 providers in 2015. By partnering with Mingle, you’ll bring new services to your clients to help them avoid penalties and achieve success under the new Quality Payment Program – whether they participate in MIPS or an APM.

Mingle Analytics + SilverVue are now Mingle Healthcare Solutions.

We’re transforming value-based healthcare delivery.